Should offer a bit more room.

I gots my 2TB drive for the PS4 today. I might wait to install it though. Moving over the save games (not really necessary with PS-Plus, me thinks) won’t be the problem but you’re forced to redownload the games. Sony’s server are bobo-tastic with small downloads. It will take ages with nearly 200GB to download again.

I had to CHEESE it, I know.

I wanted to get back to playing Inquisition. Sadly, I was stuck on the guardian boss at the end of the Decent DLC. So, I had to cheese it. I hated to have to but I had to get things moving again.

I’ll be able to go and finish the Jaws of Hakkon one and then move onto finishing the story (the Trespasser one is after the main storyline me thinks).

Its been well-worth-the-money game since I started playing it on my PS3. I ever hope there’s another Dragon Age in the works.


I am liking this little Chromebook. It’s just… nice. In reality, it could probably take over a lot of the bumbling about the internet that I use my Macbook for.

When they roll out Android-support to the stable channel, I might see if the Fitbit app works on it. If so, it might end up replacing the iPod-Touch (i’ll keep it around for music, though).

Still needs some work

Make work now.

There is still the leak on the water pump gasket (small but could escalate). The water pump might as well be replaced since I have a Ford-brand one bought and ready (not those cheap-ass Auto-zone tier crap ones).

There is already one broken bolt that will have to be removed. Most likely, another one or two will probably break (almost guaranteed). I’ve never had to remove a broken bolt myself but I should be able to manage easily enough.

Current radiator fan is insufficient for anything aside from going to work. It is better than nothing but wasn’t meant to be a main fan (two of them would work fine, though) but a supplemental. I would prefer a proper fitted fan and shroud.

Rear tires need to be replaced. They are good enough for now but there is very noticeable cracking from sun damage. Those were the more expensive set than the front too. Sigh, at least I’ll be able to keep them as spares since I actually have two more rims/wheels ready for new ones.

The exhaust needs to be rechecked and secured better. I didn’t have the heavy duty clamp bands all around (just for the mufflers). I would prefer it to be welded from the cats back but bands all around would be sufficient.

Cruise control needs be repaired. Its is almost certainly the vacuum-powered servo (or solenoid, whatever its called). I should probably plug it at the vacuum tree in case there is a vacuum leak for the now damaged, non-working one.

The wiring for the alternator needs to be upgraded (it was recommended for the higher-amp one I put it but not necessary). I probably should have when I installed the upgraded one but I didn’t think it was necessary.