Darn brakes

There we go. I’ve got the front tires rotated and I’ve bled the brakes again. I’ll see if that makes a difference. I can’t help but think I goofed up bench-bleeding the master cylinder when I put it in.

Kitty update

Mother cat should be off to get her stitches out tomorrow. I’m still wanting her to get acquainted with her kitties again. I’m going to have to scent her up with the shirt they’ve been sleeping on to make sure they recognize her.

The kitties themselves are doing good. They’ve had a little play-time with a mid-supper snack. They’re getting themselves some good kitty-naps at the moment. So cute!

Should offer a bit more room.

I gots my 2TB drive for the PS4 today. I might wait to install it though. Moving over the save games (not really necessary with PS-Plus, me thinks) won’t be the problem but you’re forced to redownload the games. Sony’s server are bobo-tastic with small downloads. It will take ages with nearly 200GB to download again.

I had to CHEESE it, I know.

I wanted to get back to playing Inquisition. Sadly, I was stuck on the guardian boss at the end of the Decent DLC. So, I had to cheese it. I hated to have to but I had to get things moving again.

I’ll be able to go and finish the Jaws of Hakkon one and then move onto finishing the story (the Trespasser one is after the main storyline me thinks).

Its been well-worth-the-money game since I started playing it on my PS3. I ever hope there’s another Dragon Age in the works.